Rent to Own Program

We purchase properties at a discount in hopes to fix up and sell retail. But I hope homeowners out there also know there are other options.

I am talking about selling your house through our Rent to Own program.

Dear Seller,

Have you tried selling your house in this market with little or no luck?

Are you tired of getting low ball offers for your house?

Or are you tired of being a landlord to tenants who are not taking care of the property?

You do want to get full market value for your house right?


Every day we do our best to help homeowners in all types of situations to sell their homes in this tough market. Not to mention our service is completely free to you. You are still more than welcome to continue marketing your house on your own or through your realtor. The more marketing the better, right? Just to be clear we are NOT asking for a listing agreement.

There is absolutely no obligation from you. The fee we receive is collected from our tenant buyer. The agreement on the lease term will usually range from 18 to 36 months. Our strategies I believe creates a win-win solution between buyers and sellers.

Advantages through our program include

  •           No commissions, fees, closing costs to pay
  •           Get full market price for your home
  •           Mortgage payments are paid by your tenant buyer
  •           Possible cash flow payments will go to you
  •           We do all the verification on tenant buyers but you will get final approval
  •           We work with tenant buyer to ensure mortgage approval at end of lease term
  •           Repair costs to a negotiable amount will be placed on the tenant buyer
  •           Tenant buyer will typically pay all closing costs

Tenant buyers are more serious when it comes to purchasing the home. Since they will be the ones buying the house they treat it like more of their own than what a general tenant would. Not to mention the significant amount of money they already put down before moving in as their non refundable option deposit. Normal eviction would take place if for any reason they fail to pay rent or damage the property. In turn we will locate a qualified tenant buyer in replace for absolutely no charge.


Call me at 858-522-9070 to get started or to request more info