How It Works

How We Buy Houses In San Diego


These Simple Steps Will Help You Sell Your House

Step 1:

Fill out the form with complete contact information if you are serious about selling your house quickly for cash. Click the “Buy My Houses” button.

Step 2:

I will contact you within 24 hours to talk about the property in hopes to set up a time for a property visit.

Don’t forget we don’t mind what the current condition of the house is in. I am more interested in what the house will have to offer once it is rehabilitated. Even if the house needs a whole tear down all the way to the studs, we don’t mind. We like to envision the potential of a property.

Once we find a time convenient for you, Chris will come by to meet with you and view the house. Average time this may take is 20-30 minutes.

Step 3:

After viewing the house I will be able to make you a cash offer. We will go over all the details in the offer and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

If the offer works for you I will take it to my title company to open title/escrow. If title is verified and clear, a final sales agreement will be drawn up for both of us (buyer and seller) to sign. We will then decide the best date to close/settle to get your cash. Lastly we will meet on that specified date and time at the title company to settle/close. This is where you will receive a check to deposit right away or request for a bank wire transfer.

But if you decide the offer is not acceptable at the time, then I will thank you for your time and wish you the best of luck.

Remember that we make it so there is no obligation for you to sell your house to us.


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