I’ve Come To Realize These Important Pieces

Skilling PuzzleMy earlier posts explained my why of real estate investing and what motivates me to keep pushing forward in this business. I’ve learned important pieces new investors need to understand and have written it here in this post.

Like anything in life there is a tough learning curve involved in this business. Learning curves are a pain to have to go through but its a part of life and they’re in place to help you improve and lessen any future mistakes.

1. Good Education is a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to real estate investing. Before you buy every book or course you stumble across make sure to read legitimate reviews and do your research before spending your hard earned cash. Wherever you buy make sure they include a money back guarantee. The best products I bought were from the investors who were active and up to date on their content.

Sign up to forums and discussion boards, they’re free! Check out my Resources page to visit forums I’ve learned from. Its a great place to go to ask questions. Active investors are always willing to help each other on those forums especially if you’re a newbie. On the right you will also see a list of blogs I follow that provide informative content. I can always count on those sites to give me inspiration whenever I’m feeling discouraged. What I love about the blogs too are the owners of the sites respond to all the comments and emails.

There’s a ton of free information out there to give you a basic understanding about the house flipping business. I do suggest limiting the amount of courses you buy and focus your efforts on taking action! Don’t get stuck in “Analysis Paralysis”. I’ve been there and trust me you don’t want go there. You have to learn to stop reading and start doing!

2. Get Those Leads or Fail should be your motto when real estate investing. This business is built on how much you’re marketing and how you’re marketing. It sucks when you realize you’re losing focus on what really matters and that’s finding deals. I’ll go into further detail on the topic of marketing in my next post. Just understand that real estate investors are in the marketing business and it plays a big role in determining how successful you’ll be.

3. Persistent and Consistent Action will help you push past the learning curve. I’ve always liked the saying “Its going to get a lot worse before it gets any better”. Investing takes more than patience. Its a on going process and as long as you don’t give up, stay positive and learn from your mistakes you’ll get far in this business. I admit its very hard to be persistent and consistent but this is what will separate you from the rest.

I can be a very stubborn person but because of that I am able to forget what others have to say about real estate investing. The naysayers, news and media are all saying the same thing about the economy how bad it is out there etc. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but its up to you if you want to believe them or not. I know that as long as I keep working hard and stay focused I’ll reach my goals. 


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