Marketing, Marketing, Marketing (Part 1)

MarketingHow you market and who you are marketing to will be a big deciding factor on whether your business will be a success or failure. You can have the best product in the world but without the right marketing in place who will know about it? Nobody!!

Business’ are well known because of their advertising and marketing techniques. They spend millions every year to make sure customers find them in hopes will return to keep their business up and running.

I’ve Come To Realize These Important Pieces

Skilling PuzzleMy earlier posts explained my why of real estate investing and what motivates me to keep pushing forward in this business. I’ve learned important pieces new investors need to understand and have written it here in this post.

Like anything in life there is a tough learning curve involved in this business. Learning curves are a pain to have to go through but its a part of life and they’re in place to help you improve and lessen any future mistakes.

My Motivation To Succeed

success-arrowI’m extremely blessed to be a part of a family that is loving, caring and supportive. I want them to know that a big part of my motivation comes from them. My family gives me the push I need to get past any obstacle and I admire them for that.

Being able to express myself on this site gives me the chance to show how I truly feel and thankful I am to have my family in my life.

Why Invest In San Diego Real Estate?

why san diego real estateSo why did I choose to invest in San Diego? For one, I was born and raised in San Diego and have no plans on leaving this beautiful city. This place will always be my hometown and this is where I want to raise my son and hopefully he will do the same when the time comes.