Great Ways to Sell A House Fast

To sell a house fast may be easier said than done. If your house needs repairs or has any other problems then selling your house under a few weeks may be extremely hard to accomplish.

Selling your house in today’s market takes a lot of patience. Finding that one buyer to buy your house may be easier said than done. Yes, there only needs to be one buyer but does that buyer have what it takes to settle and close?

Here is a list to help you sell your house fast in this current housing market.

  1. Real Estate Investors – Real estate investors are at the top of the list because of the resources they have available to them. When they say they can pay cash most likely they do. This is because they are in the investment business so if they do their research and work the numbers out then they will be more than happy to buy your house. Helping provide a solution to a seller’s problem plus being able to hold a profit most times they will do whatever it takes to get the deal done. Driving around your neighborhood or any other area you may notice signs that read “We buy houses” “Sell a house fast for cash” and “Cash for your house”. Those signs are typically put up by real estate investors. Investors try to avoid bank financing because of the delays they have and hoops they make you jump through to get approved. Having the resources to pay cash for a house gives them the opportunity to close on the house fast even in a matter of days. Not only can investors close quickly they also buy the house without any work needed so don’t worry about making any repairs to plumbing, electricity, painting, roof etc. We buy “as-is” and we love working locally with distressed sellers in San Diego so please feel free to call 858-522-9070 if you have any questions.
  2. Realtors – Listing your house with a realtor is a great way to sell your house. Realtors are our friends. The only problem is the time it may take and the commissions you will have to pay also the repairs you may have to make before showing the house. If you can get past that then great! Realtors do a terrific job show casing your house to get it sold. You have to make sure though that you have a active and hard working real estate agent and not just one who will list your house on the Multiple listing service (MLS) and not do much else to advertise your house. Real estate agents can only help so many clients before losing focus. It is easy to see in today’s market that houses stay up for sale for about 6-9 months before getting sold. Can you afford to wait that long?
  3. For sale by Owner – You can always sell your house yourself if you don’t mind putting the effort in to actually advertise your house and show your house to people who may be interested in buying your home. Yard signs are a great way to show that you are selling your house. You can buy these at your local Home Depot or Lowes stores. Make sure your signs are large enough for potential buyers to see when driving past and that they have basic information like how many beds, baths and your phone number to contact you directly.
    Selling on your own is a great way to save money as well. You may also want to consider advertising on the internet and even through newspaper classifieds it may be a bit pricey to advertise selling your house but definitely look into it if you have the time and patience. I always say the more exposure you have better.

Selling your house fast in today’s market can be tough. It’s your house and your choice so take some time if time is not of the essence. You have options available to help you get through this difficult time. If for any reason you don’t have the time and need to sell your house fast then please fill out the form and submit your info so we can get started in writing you up an offer and to try to help you solve and forget this problem.


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“We Buy Houses” in San Diego Article

If you have seen signs around San Diego that read “We Buy houses” “Fast cash for your house” “We pay cash for houses” or “Sell a house fast” more than likely they are put up by investors. These signs are also known as bandit signs. These signs are considered one of the best and cheap ways to get your message across. These signs help sellers where to go in order to get help in selling their house fast.

Real estate investors use these We buy houses signs and have been using them for quite a while now. The important thing about these “Cash for your house” signs is they help get the word out especially for the sellers who want to sell their house fast and don’t know who to turn to. They might be lucky to see the sign during their time of need and talk to someone who may be of extreme help.

As real estate investors our goal is to buy your house hoping to come to an agreement on price due to market conditions and repairs. Real estate investors love that they can help solve the homeowners situation but at the same time can make a living while doing so. Homeowners understand the business we are in. Buying a house a little below market value due to repairs to get it ready for resale is.

Whether you are going through a bad divorce, need to pull out the equity from your house before foreclosure hits, need major repairs to your house, relocating, inherited the house we are here to talk to and help you get through whatever the problem maybe. We buy houses in San Diego ‘as-is’ and can close quick so that you can get paid and forget about this problem that’s weighing you down.

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